Best 5 Long Range Baby Monitors with Video & Audio – Distance Problem Resolved!

Finding the best long range baby monitor is tough. We at did the research and it was the hardest thing we’ve had to do. With over 1000’s of models storming in to the market, most of them promising a 1000+ ft distance coverage, you must have given up on life going through all the customer reviews, complaints and false promises.

For most of you, quality may matter more than the price, while some of you may expect a budgetary solution with best results. We like best of both.

Quality is a matter of concern as a baby monitor’s primary role is to allow parents to roam freely while ensuring the baby is safe asleep – not crying endlessly while the parents are totally unaware because the baby monitor lost signal after a certain range.

The best long range baby monitors – Our Top 5 picks

Our Best Pick – VAVA 720P 5″ HD Display Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

VAVA 720P 5" HD Display Video Baby Monitor with the Best Signal Range
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Key Features

  • 5-inch Hand Held IPS LCD Display
  • 720P Resolution with Full Color During Day & Grey scale Night Vision
  • LED Noise Indicators
  • External Thermostat
  • Remote Pan / Tilt / Zoom
  • 7 Volume Levels Sensitivity
  • VOX mode
  • Up to 4x Digital Zoom
  • 4500 mAh Battery = 24 hours battery life on VOX mode, 12 hours on full display mode
  • Up to 960 ft long range coverage without interference
  • Automatic Night Vision Mode
  • Auto Pilot Panoramic Scan
  • Connects up-to 4 cameras (Auto switch mode at 15s intervals)
  • Two way audio communication
  • Wi-Fi not required.


  • No pre-programmed lullabies
  • No white noise
  • 2ft power cable
  • No video recording

The picture quality and night vision on this video baby monitor are so clear that I can actually see my daughter breathing – Business Insider

Consider my mind blown. –

With a 5″ HD display and a 720p resolution, VAVA Video Baby Monitor has won the hearts of many customers who enjoy using this product. Unlike many popular baby monitors such as the Infant Optics DXR-8, the VAVA Video Baby monitor has very few or zero complaints of dropping signal or losing coverage inside the house.

If you are looking for the best distance range baby monitor, hands down, the VAVA Video Baby Monitor wins our vote.

Many have praised the night vision quality – it’s too clear and it’s great – especially for parents of new-borns who have to look out for SIDS. It’s a serious matter of concern. Being able to watch your baby breathing with clarity through the baby monitor is a huge win for parents who YEARN to take a break and enjoy some peace time.

There are many great features in the VAVA Video Baby Monitor such as the Auto Pilot Panoramic Scan. The camera rotates and scans the entire room like you’ve watched in action movies. Thanks to this feature, you can let your baby play while you get some work done without having to constantly pan and tilt the camera to find out where you baby went all of a sudden.

The Remote Pan & Tilt is also a very important feature of the VAVA Video Baby Monitor. It allows you to pan the camera with a 270° range while being able to tilt with a 110° range – quite useful if the camera was moved (maybe while cleaning) and you are in the washroom (maybe enjoying a bath). It would be a mess if you had to get out just to re-adjust the camera position.

This feature is dropped in most budget models like the DEKUGAA Baby Monitor recommended on this page (it’s a great baby monitor with a long signal range, but lacks the Remote Pan / Tilt function – thus the low price).

It’s not always the case but we hope you understand how important Remote Pan / Tilt can be.

The camera also comes with a 4X digital zoom which is quite rare – especially with a great picture quality and a high resolution 5-inch display, the VAVA Video Baby Monitor allows you to get a VERY deep close up on your baby whenever you require.

Most customers praise the temperature sensor and it’s accuracy while some have complained that it can be off by 1 or 2 degrees. We would advise you to rely on the temperature sensor only for an estimated idea of how cool or warm the room actually us. It wouldn’t be wise to think of this as the Primary thermostat.

What really impressed us the most is the battery life of the screen. With a 5-inch IPS HD screen, one would expect the battery life to be shorter than the normal models out there (that can’t last even for 3 to 4 hours barely). The VAVA Video baby monitor is not only famous for being a top-notch long range baby monitor, but it’s also popular for it’s battery life which can last upto 24 hours on Audio Mode and 12 hours on Video Mode.

12 hours is quite amazing and we had to double check with customer reviews to find out if the promise was true and it was. You can check the customer reviews for VAVA Video Monitor your self.

Unfortuntaly, the VAVA Video Baby Monitor, although it’s best at a long range, has received few complaints of a short power cable for the camera – only 2ft. You can easily resolved this issue with a good extension cord.

It cannot record videos either – we are looking for baby monitors, not a surveillance camera or a nanny cam. This doesn’t matter much as we parents want to watch our baby in real time to be responsive on the spot – not after watching the recording later.

The VAVA Video Baby monitor does not come with lullabies or white noise either. This is quite common in baby monitors and we would have been delighted to see this feature on the VAVA.

If you had to choose a the best baby monitor in terms of range, durability, battery life and screen quality, the VAVA Video Baby Monitor is currently our top recommendation. We are always on the lookout for better models and until then, we hope our recommended model serves you well.

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Best for Brand Freaks – Panasonic Long Range Baby Monitor with 1 Camera KX-HN4101W

Panasonic Video Baby Monitor with 1500ft Range
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Key Features

  • 3.5-inch Hand Held Side-Lit LCD Display
  • Motion / Sound Activated Alarm
  • Temperature Alarm
  • Remote Pan / Tilt / Zoom
  • Motion Sensor Alert
  • Wide angle camera
  • 13 hours battery life on standby mode, 5 hours on full display mode
  • Up to 1500 ft long range coverage without interference
  • Automatic Night Vision Mode
  • Connects up-to 4 cameras (Auto switch every 10 seconds)
  • Two way audio communication
  • Wi-Fi not required.
  • Collection of Lullabies & White Noises


  • No video recording
  • No VOX mode

Panasonic, a world renowned brand, known for its quality and durability, cannot go wrong with a baby monitor – can it? They understood the real need of parents. With this understanding, they released a long distance baby monitor that promises a long 1500ft range coverage with DECT technology.

The Panasonic Long Range Video Baby monitor does not require an app or WiFi. Even a 3.5″ Side-lit LCD display, this hand held device can last upto 5 hours on video more and upto 13 hours on standby mode. It is not match to the battery capacity and display quality / size of the VAVA Video Baby Monitor, but covering a 1500 ft distance is not an easy achievement especially.

The Panasonic Baby monitor has more advantages such as the motion sensor alert which notifies you when there is a movement in the room. It actually is quite free-ing not having to constantly keep checking the screen for any movements. The camera does the job for you – after it – you’ve PAID for it.

Unfortunately, there is no video recording which impairs part of the motion sensor feature. The monitor also lacks VOX mode which in our opinion could have extended the battery life, but they know better.

What we really like about the Panasonic Long Range baby monitor is the wide angle camera. You can see more of the entire room without having to pan / tilt all the time, although you do get the Remote Pan / Tilt and Zoom function in-built.

We could keep talking more about how great the Panasonic Video Monitor is. We could also keep talking about what is missing in this baby monitor – but we both know the missing features don’t matter much and are rarely used by most parents. Let the product do the talking for you or read more customer reviews for a more raw feedback about the product.

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Best on a Budget Under $100 – TENKER Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio, 4.3″ LCD

TENKER Video Baby Monitor - 1000ft Signal Range
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Key Features

  • 4.3-inch Hand Held LCD Display
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Automatic Night Vision Mode
  • LED Noise Indicators
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Remote Pan / Tilt / Zoom
  • Adjustable sound sensitivity levels
  • VOX mode
  • Up to 2x Digital Zoom
  • Up to 1000 ft long range coverage without interference
  • 4 pre-programmed lullabies
  • Connects up-to 4 cameras (Split Screen / Quad Screen / Auto Switch)
  • Two way audio communication
  • Wi-fi not required.
  • Can record videos
  • Sound triggered DVR function


  • Battery lasts 3-4 hours on display-on mode

With many baby monitors that we have gone through, the Tenker Video Baby Monitor is one of the best long range monitors we have found so far with many positive reviews. Tenker Video Baby monitor promises many features and most reviews agree to these claims. Tenker has done a very good job in each of its feature performance.

We have also recommended TENKER Video Baby Monitor the one of the best split screen baby monitors as well.

With the ability to pair upto 4 cameras and split screen feature, the Tenker Video Baby Monitor promises to cover a distance in the range of 1000ft – which is plenty if the product sticks to it’s promise.

From the many reviews that we have gone through, we have yet to find anybody complaining about the range.

Unlike the top 2 recommendations above, the Tenker Video Baby Monitor also comes with DVR function which allows you to record upto 32gb if necessary.

The lullabies are a delight for the babies and the two way talking function is quite clear as well.

The only thing we found disappointing about the Tenker Baby Monitor is its battery life. The display unit can only last upto 4 hours on a charge cycle – which is sufficient for a full nap time but you have to be mindful to keep charging the display unit frequently without delay.

The display unit can last much longer on standby or VOX mode. The sound activated led lights will keep increasing in number as the noise level increases in the room. In human terms – the louder the noise in the baby’s room, the more lights will turn on in the display unit to inform you about the activity level.

You can adjust the minimum sensitivity level before the display unit triggers the alarm to notify you about the noise in the baby room.

Parents love the night vision quality and the screen video quality of the TENKER video monitor.

There are 2 things we love about this long distance baby monitor. Firstly, the price falls under $100 – which is great for those on a budget but need the best. Secondly, the attention to detail. The TENKER Video Baby Monitor has made sure each feature works at its best.

If not for the short battery life of 4 hours on a full display mode – the TENKER Video Monitor would have been ranked as the Best Overall – but alas.

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Best Under $50 – Dekugaa Baby Monitor 2.4GHz Wireless Video Digital Baby Camera

Dekugaa Long Range Video Baby Monitor
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Key Features

  • 2.4-inch Hand Held LCD Display
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Automatic Night Vision Mode
  • Out of range / baby crying / low battery Alarms
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Manual Pan / Tilt
  • VOX mode
  • Up to 2x Digital Zoom
  • 6 hours battery life on VOX mode, 3 hours on full display mode
  • Up to 900 ft long range coverage without interference
  • Two way audio communication
  • Wi-Fi not required.
  • 4 Built-in Lullabies
  • Built-in Night light


  • No video recording
  • No remote pan/ tilt / zoom
  • Night vision gets the job done, but could be better.

With multiple requests for the best long distance baby monitor inside a budget of $50, here’s our final find – Dekugaa Baby Monitor 2.4GHz Wireless Video Digital Baby Camera

It wasn’t easy to find as there are many baby monitors competing on this price level, but none of them sticking to value for money. We found it quite apalling but we were motivated to dig deep and this is what we concluded at. There are 2 to 3 winners, but there were few reasons why Dekugaa Baby Monitor found entry into this page of recommendations for the best long range baby monitor.

Unlike many out there in this price range, the Dekugaa Baby Monitor actually fulfills its promise to cover upto 900ft range without dropping signal. We found many customer reviews recommending the quality of the signal and the distance it covers – especially for its low price tag. It’s right there – ready to fight with the top players.

The 2.4-inch is JUST enough to watch the baby clearly even in the dark. The night vision works fine but not impressive. Even with a small screen, you can clearly see the baby without squinting.

The DEKUGAA baby monitor lacks the Remote Pan / Tilt function – you cannot turn the camera by pressing a few buttons in your hand held display. You have to do it manually. This can be quite a challenge if you planted the camera unit on a higher level like the top of the wall or ceiling for the matter.

Most parents do not find this to be a necessary feature – especially if the camera has a good viewing angle. DEKUGAA Baby monitor also comes with other popular features such as temperature sensor, baby crying alarm, built in lullabies, low battery or low signal alarms.

There is no video recording function.

There is a very interesting feature in the DEKUGAA Baby monitor though – the night light. It’s a low brightness light that is just enough to add brightness to the room. It’s quite a handy feature.

What we didn’t like was the battery life – 3 hours on full display and 6 hours on standby mode. It’s just enough but it’s right on the edge.

If you are on a budget, but prefer something that doesn’t disappoint you or drive you mad especially when it comes to signal quality and display quality, this long distance baby monitor under $50 is right on the money.

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Noteable Mention – YI Smart Dome Security Camera X (Wifi Based)


Justification of Our Recommendations

You may wonder why our recommendations for best long range baby monitors are different from what you find as common recommendations on other websites. We wonder the same but we don’t really care. Our choices are based on extensive research done manually through extensive reading and comparison.

Yes, we earn commission from Amazon if you decided to purchase a product based on our recommendations, but we are not sell outs.

We could have easily recommended the top selling “Infant Optics DXR-8” as the baby monitor with best range and you would be gullible enough to purchase it since every one else recommends the same.

Unfortunately, we’ve had hands on experience with Infant Optics DXR-8, and trust us when we say there are better baby monitors that cover longer range in comparison. Infant Optics DRX-8 is not a bad monitor – it’s a delight to use, but the range is nothing great and there is a tendency for the unit to die soon – MANY customers have complained with the same problem.

Our selection criteria


This is quite obvious. The main reason you are on this page is because you are looking for the best long distance baby monitor. The longer the range – the better. Unfortunately, even though most brands promise a 900 to 1000 ft range, they barely work.

It’s true that walls and other infrastructure can cause interference to the signal, but with the latest innovation in wireless technology, the signals have vastly improved. Walls don’t matter as much as they did before.

The long range baby monitors are recommended by us as the best because we have gone through customer complains, reviews and more to find out which ones have interference issues, which ones don’t even live up-to 1000ft in open spaces, and which ones work great even if you are a floor apart.

Screen Size

There is no point in spending more one a video baby monitor if the screen size is too small. Except for the budget category recommendation above, all baby monitors recommended above with the best range have a screen size above 4.3 inches, some even with IPS LCD panels for the crystal clear video quality.


As mentioned previously, some baby monitors, no matter how popular they are can stop working or basically die very soon. It could be the dead battery on the monitor or a dead camera. Nevertheless, we expect the monitor to work for at least 3 years without issues.

Night Vision

This is quite obvious, isn’t it? Watching the baby from a far distance through the monitor makes no sense if you cannot watch what is happening in the room – when it’s dark – which is most of the time. The more clearer the display is with night vision, the more higher it ranks in our recommendation list.

Not only should it be clear, but it should change to night vision instantaneously when you switch off the lights. A lot of branded baby monitors experience a delay or a glitch with nigh vision sensors not turning on when required.

Other Features

The new long range baby monitors now come with many new features such as:

  • Temperature / Thermal monitor – You can check up on the baby’s room temperature level with this portable thermostat.
  • VOX ModeThis extends battery hours on the display unit. The screen turns on when a movement or noise is triggered from the constantly watching camera.
  • Two Way Talking – This is quite useful in long distance baby monitors – especially when your baby is awake and in panic that you are missing in action. You can console the baby through the monitor and hear the baby at the same time until you reach the room.
  • Lullabies – Cameras come with a nice speaker and pre-programmed lullabies which you can play to distract the baby until you get there.
  • LED indicators – If you have turned down the volume on the display unit for some reason, the voice activated led lights increase in bars to let you know there is a noise in the baby room you ought to attend to ASAP.
  • Digital Zoom – You get to see this in selected models. Most come with 2x zoom range while our #1 pick – VAVA Baby Monitor comes with 4x Digital Zoom.

Battery Life

Hand Held screens should last for at least 6 to 8 hours on a single charge cycle. It doesn’t make sense if otherwise. You would be spending more time charging your screen unit instead of actually use the unit to watch your baby when you really need to.

Pan / Tilt

Most premium baby monitors come with Pan / Tilt function. This allows you to move the camera using your screen unit until you get a perfect view of your baby and the surrounding area. Without this feature, you may find it quite inconvenient to move the camera around depending on where your baby is currently sleeping.

Even harder if your camera unit is mounted to the ceiling or at a higher point on the wall!

After Sales

1 out of 100 baby monitor units can end up having a defect or a fault. It’s universally common. You could be the unlucky victim – but luck can change if your research was done well.

Choosing a baby monitor backed by a company with a great after sales record is very important. This is why we skipped a few popular brands due to their poor track record in serving their customers after 6 to 12 months of use.


We hope our top 5 recommendations for the best long range baby monitors has helped you make a final decision. If you are not tight on a budget, we highly recommend the VAVA 720P 5″ HD Display Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio unless you really want to stick with a big name brand such as Panasonic Long Range Baby Monitor with 1 Camera.

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