At What Age Do You Stop Using Baby Monitors?

At a point in our life, we would have to make the decision to stop using the baby monitor, but the question still confuses most parents, “At what age of your child’s life do you stop using the baby monitor?”.

The answer is not that simple – it depends on your child.

With the advancement in technology, we too have become more dependent on it than ever before. Do you remember the time we never had a mobile phone? Can you NOW imagine a moment without mobile phone?

Times have changed. We were alive and kicking without mobile phones before but NOW – we feel lifeless without the phone and the internet. It’s the same with baby monitors or any other device for that matter.

Why Did You Start Using a Baby Monitor?

Different parents had different goals from their baby monitors. Some parents simply wanted to be alert if the baby is crying in the other room while they do their work – an audio baby monitor would suffice this requirement or using a simple function like VOX Mode.

Here’s an article we recently published on the topic: When to Start Using a Baby Monitor. Let us know what you think!

Once the baby gets loud enough to be heard outside the room, you can stop using the baby monitor. This usually falls into the 6 to 8 month period of the baby’s life.

When to Stop Using Baby Monitors?

Some want to keep an eye on the room and their baby’s movements because their baby moves a lot – a video baby monitor is needed for this requirement. In this scenario, the baby monitor would be required for much longer than 6 to 8 months.

Our son is 5 years old – we still use the baby monitor to keep an eye on him since he moves a lot and gets startled more often than usual.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Reasons to Continue Using the Baby Monitor Without Stopping

There are several reasons why you could keep using the baby monitor:

  • Your rooms are far apart or you have sound proof rooms. If you cannot hear your kid crying from the other room, you may want to keep using the baby monitor to stay alert.
  • Your kid keeps having nightmares.
  • Your kid is not well and may require frequent attention.
  • Your kid has sleep walking problems.

Reasons Why You Should Stop Using the Baby Monitor

If you do not have any valid reason to keep watching your baby through the monitor, it’s highly recommended you stop using the baby monitor.

  • You could get addicted to watching your kid. This is not a good sign. It can negatively impact your social and personal life.
  • You may be smothering your child without knowing it. It can negatively impact your kid and yourself. They may become to dependent on your speedy response system thanks to the baby monitor.
  • You could start having sleep anxiety. Being alert at all times expecting a movement or a cry at any given time can make it difficult for you to have a good restful sleep. Sleep is important for you and your child.

We hope this website helps you understand whether you should stop or keep using the baby monitor. When the age is right – you will automatically start letting go of the baby monitor habit.


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