Newton Essential vs Original vs Waterproof Crib Mattress – What is the Difference?

Newton is one of the most trustworthy and recognized brands in the market when it comes to baby crib mattresses. In this comparison report, we are going to take a closer look and find out the key differences between the 3 types of mattresses they offer – Newton Essential, Original & Waterproof.

All 3 of them look quite similar, which makes it confusing for first-time buyers to understand why they should go with a higher-priced waterproof version instead of the lower-priced Essential version.

If you study the comparison table below, you will notice the main differences are mentioned in the first few rows, while the similarities follow next. To understand what anything means, please continue reading after the table to get an in-depth explanation of the differences between Newton Essential, Original & Waterproof crib mattresses.

Quick Summary

The Newton Waterproof mattress is better than the Newton Original and the Newton Essential except for the lack of color options. The Waterproof Mattress comes with a special TPU waterproof lining that saves drying time.

The Newton Original lacks the Waterproof TPU lining that can be found in the Waterproof option, nevertheless, ALL Newton Baby mattresses are water resistant. If you choose to ignore the waterproof lining (which is only available on the toddler side of the mattress), the Newton Original is hands down a much more economical investment choice.


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Newton EssentialNewton OriginalNewton Waterproof
Color OptionsWhiteWhite, Grey, Pink, BlueWhite, Grey
Size OptionsStandard, MiniStandardStandard
Waterproof CoverNoNoIncluded
LayersSingle LayerDual-LayerDual-Layer
Weight9 lbs14 lbs14 lbs
Average Customer Rating4.8 out of 54.9 out of 54.0 out of 5
PriceClick here for priceClick here for priceClick here for price

The Similarities

Newton crib mattresses are known for their focus on the health and level of comfort for the baby all through the toddler years. The Newton Original, Essential & Waterproof carry some of the main key features that the Newton brand is built on:

Fully washable

Most mattresses that claim to be washable are not FULLY washable. You can remove the cover and wash them. Newton mattresses are different. The whole mattress can be washed without any problems or drawbacks. This is one of the best hygienic features a mattress can provide.

WovenAire Food Grade Polymer Core

Universally mattresses are built with Foam or Innerspring Coil – the latter being safer for infant babies, while the foam is more comfortable for toddlers. Newton mattresses are built with their patented WovenAire Core technology, which is fully breathable and organic certified by GreenGuard Gold Standards.

Although not 100% organic like Naturepedic mattresses, Newton WovenAir Core claims to be better than organic and the certifications agree.

Check out this showdown between Naturepedic and Newton mattresses if curious.

This allows the mattress to be fully washed without damaging core components. Not only can you avoid the sag from long term use (as experienced by other brands), sweaty toddlers feel much cooler in the Newton mattresses.

GreenGuard Gold Certified Organic

The GreenGuard Gold Certification is awarded for products that emit zero to very low chemical emissions that are harmful for indoor use. Newton mattresses are fully certified and customers fully agree when it comes to minimal chemical emissions and smells when first purchased.

Water Resistant Layer

As mentioned previously, all 3 mattress types are fully washable. The cover is removable and machine washable while the mattress itself can be washed by hand with soap and water. Defining water resistance simply means that in case of an accident, the mattress will not get negatively affected.

Although the water may go through, there will be no harm, especially with the TPU covers over the mattress.

2-Stage use

2-stage use has become a standard in most crib mattresses – especially the more popular ones from renowned brands. Newton is no different. All crib mattresses from Newton come with 2-stage functionality. Usual mattresses come with a soft cushy side for toddlers and a firm side for infants. The Newton mattress with its unique WovenAire core has a firm side for infants and a perfectly balanced side for toddlers.

The Differences


The thickness matters when it comes to the level of comfort you can get from a mattress. The impact and weight are absorbed by the thickness of the mattress. The Newton essential mattress is 4″ in thickness while the Waterproof and Original crib mattress comes with a 5.5″ thickness.

Although 4″ is at the higher end of a low-profile crib mattress, the latter two are more comfortable and plush for toddlers if you plan to get the most out of the 2-stage mattress.

  • Newton Essential – 0
  • Newton Original – 1
  • Newton Waterproof – 1


The Essential mattress being only 4″ in thickness weighs only 9lbs while the Original and the Waterproof version weigh 14lbs due to extra thickness and the additional layers inside. These are still quite lightweight and easy to lift and turn over for cleaning and maintenance purposes. We wouldn’t add any scoring for this point except to highlight the difference in weight of the different Newton mattresses.


All 3 mattresses come with a water-resistant layer but Newton offers a WATERPROOF mattress, which begs the question – why the extra price for a WATERPROOF mattress?

Newton Waterproof mattress comes with a special TPU lining that does not allow any kind of liquid to pass through – similar to a waterproof mattress protector. To understand this scenario, you need to emulate the accident.

If there was an accident on an Essential or Original mattress, the liquid would pass through and keep the mattress wet until it dries off, which could take from minutes to hours depending on the amount of liquid involved.

When it comes to the Waterproof TPU lining, the liquid does not pass through. It stays on the top layer – which makes it easy to wipe the liquid off fast and get it back to use within minutes.

You should know that this waterproof lining is only on the toddler side and not on the side for babies. This is mainly to ensure the mattress stays fully breathable for babies should they sleep facing down.

  • Newton Essential – 0.5
  • Newton Original – 0.5
  • Newton Waterproof – 1


The original and waterproof crib Mattresses come with a breathable dual-layer quilted cloud cover while the Newton original mattress only comes with a Single layer cover. In simple terms, the dual-layer adds more comfort to the top of the mattress although the single layer does its job well.

  • Newton Essential – 0
  • Newton Original – 1
  • Newton Waterproof – 1

Color Options

Although not an important difference to consider when purchasing a mattress, it still has its place among many parents who would love to get a gender-matching color for their baby. It’s exciting and would look great with the template of the nursery.

Newton’s original crib mattress has 4 different colors to choose from – White, Grey, Pink & Blue while the Waterproof option has only 2 colors to choose from – White & Grey. The Essential version as its name suggests comes in one standard color – White.

  • Newton Essential – 0
  • Newton Original – 1
  • Newton Waterproof – 0.5

Size Options

Most baby cribs are built with a standard size in mind – 28″ x 52″. Parents may choose to get a mini-crib for their baby – which could be due to many reasons. You may want the baby with you in the Master Bedroom or you live in a small apartment and space is a limitation.

Whichever the reason may be, having the option to get a high-quality breathable mini-crib mattress is a great option provided by Newton. This option is only available with the Newton Essential version,

  • Newton Essential – 1
  • Newton Original – 0
  • Newton Waterproof – 0

Final Scoreboard

  • Newton Essential – 1.5
  • Newton Original – 3.5
  • Newton Waterproof – 3.5

As you can see from the scoring above, the Newton Original & Waterproof fall into a tie while the Newton Essential scores less in comparison. This is done intentionally by Newton and it’s to help you make the smart decision based on your budget.

The Newton Essential is ideal for parents who plan to NOT use the same mattress once the baby grows into a toddler – the thickness level of 4-inches may wear out faster if you choose to let the toddler sleep on the same mattress. This is also recommended for those on a budget – but who want the BEST for the baby since the level of breathability in Newton mattresses is second to NONE.

The Newton Original is the ideal option for parents as it has the same features as the Waterproof mattress except for the TPU Waterproof Protection Layer. This layer is on the toddler side which may or may not be needed since toddlers tend to be potty trained by that age.

You can also save more on the budget by using a breathable waterproof mattress protector if needed. If you can forgo the blue & pink options and money is of no concern for you, the Newton Waterproof mattress is the best investment for your child’s comfort.


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