Eufy SpaceView vs SpaceView Pro vs SpaceView S Baby Monitor

In this comparison report, we are going to find out the main difference between eufy SpaceView, SpaceView S, and SpaceView Pro baby monitors. All 3 eufy baby monitors look similar in appearance and on paper except for some minor changes.

What makes each model different is quite vague and difficult to comprehend, even after studying each product on the manufacturer’s website.

Below is a compilation of the key similarities and differences between each model, be it the Standard, S, or Pro model of the eufy Baby Monitor series. You may notice we’ve picked up a few more details from other sources that cannot be found directly on the official website.

Quick Summary

eufy SpaceView S is the clearly the ideal choice when compared to Spaceview and SpaceView Pro, since it has all the features plus Wide Angle Len’s attachment and the Crib Mount as well.

The SpaceView Pro comes in 2nd and the most economical choice of the 3 if you ignore the need for Wide Angle Len’s attachment and the Crib Mount. 



eufy Spacevieweufy Spaceview Seufy Spaceview Pro
Lullaby Playlist ModeLullaby Playlist ModeLullaby Playlist ModeLullaby Playlist Mode
FirmwareUpdated firmwareUpdated FirmwareUpdated firmware
Mount optionsWall MountWall Mount & Crib MountWall Mount
Signal rangeUpto 1000ftUpto 1000ftUpto 1000ft
Signal lost alertNoNoNo
Night-visionAuto Night VisionAuto Night VisionAuto Night Vision
Display Resolution720p HD720p HD720p HD
Camera Resolution720p720p720p
Temperature SensorOnly monitoring, no alertOnly monitoring, no alertOnly monitoring, no alert
Voice Activated AlertYesYesYes
Vox ModeYesYesYes
Sleep ModeYesYesYes
Two Way CommunicationYesYesYes
Lullabies5 relaxing lullabies5 relaxing lullabies5 relaxing lullabies
Battery lifeUpto 8 hours on display, 15 hours on sleep modeUpto 8 hours on display, 15 hours on sleep modeUpto 12 hours on display, 30 hours on sleep mode
Pan / TiltPan: 330° Tilt: 110°Pan: 330° Tilt: 110°Pan: 330° Tilt: 110°
Zoom1.5X & 2X1.5X & 2X1.5X & 2X
Wide Angle Lens110° when attached (included)110° when attached (included)110° when attached (not included)
Add more camerasCan pair upto 4 camerasCan pair upto 4 camerasCan pair upto 4 cameras
Split screenNoNoNo
Low Battery AlertNoNoNo
Visual Indicator of Noise LevelNoNoNo
Display Size5″5″5″
Monitor KickstandStands on its own without a kickstandStands on its own without a kickstandStands on its own without a kickstand
Average Customer Rating4.8 out of 54.4 out of 54.4 out of 5
PriceClick Here for PriceClick Here for PriceClick Here for Price

The Similarities

If you go through the table above, you will notice the key differences have been mentioned first, and then the similarities follow. The differences although not noticeable at first, are quite important upgrades to the eufy SpaceView baby monitor.

The eufy SpaceView Pro, eufy SpaceView S, and eufy SpaceView baby monitors are all great and almost the same when it comes to displaying quality, both during daylight and night vision. They have an excellent signal range of up to 1000ft and the monitors in all 3 models can stand on their own without a kickstand.

Although the SpaceView original model did not come with lullaby playlist mode initially, the latest firmware upgrades have enabled this function in the first model as well.

The Differences


The eufy SpaceView baby monitor was the first product entry to the baby monitor market of its kind. A lot of happy customers, but there were quite a few flaws and issues that came up as well.

One of the most popular issues was the purple discoloration issue on the monitor that appeared during sudden lighting changes. This was mostly a firmware issue and a hardware issue as well which was fixed and updated in the SpaceView S and SpaceView Pro model

The firmware of the eufy SpaceView Pro is the most upgraded and bug-free version of all 3 models.

  • eufy SpaceView: 0
  • eufy SpaceView S: 1
  • eufy SpaceView Pro: 1

Battery Life

The battery life is great in all 3 models but you would have noticed that the eufy SpaceView Pro takes the lead with double battery capacity. With this advantage, the SpaceView Pro lasts 4 hours more on display mode and 15 hours MORE on standby mode.

That is a big gain in the PRO model and customers witness it to be true.

  • eufy SpaceView: 0
  • eufy SpaceView S: 0
  • eufy SpaceView Pro: 1

Mounting Options

By default, all baby monitors including eufy series come with cameras that can be placed upright. If manufacturers do not provide the add-on option to purchase crib or wall mounts for said cameras, you can always find alternative mount options online for some of the popular models in the market, including eufy.

Unlike the eufy Spaceview or the SpaceView Pro baby monitor, the special advantage of the SpaceView S is that it comes with an additional crib mount option in the box. You cannot purchase the official crib mount for eufy SpaceView cameras separately. This is a bonus for the SpaceView S model but it doesn’t have to put you off from SpaceView or SpaceView Pro since you can easily purchase a compatible crib mount online with good reviews.

  • eufy SpaceView: 0
  • eufy SpaceView S: 1
  • eufy SpaceView Pro: 0

Wide Angle Lens

The wide angle lens has become quite popular and is included in most of the premium and high-end baby monitors in the market and eufy SpaceView baby monitors are second to none. As you can see from our findings, the SpaceView and the SpaceView S included the Wide Angle lens attachment in the box, but if you choose to go with the SpaceView Pro, the wide-angle lens has to be purchased separately.

There is no explanation as to why this decision was taken, but this concludes our findings on what makes these eufy SpaceView baby monitors different from each other.

  • eufy SpaceView: 1
  • eufy SpaceView S: 1
  • eufy SpaceView Pro: 0


If you are keeping score, then it’s pretty obvious that eufy SpaceView S is the clear winner in this comparison report. If you have no interest in the crib mount or the wide-angle lens attachment, the SpaceView Pro would be your second choice as it comes with double the battery life, latest firmware upgrades, and the least bugs or issues among all 3 models.


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