Where to Mount the Baby Monitor

Baby monitors can be a lifesaver but not knowing where to mount the baby monitor for the best view can be a problem. The key purpose is to allow you to get on with your work and life while knowing your baby is sleeping safely. It’s all in the details. Owning the best baby monitor is not going to mean much if you do not place it in a secure position and at the right viewing angle.

Let’s get on with how things could be done more efficiently to get the best out of your baby monitor.

where to mount the baby monitor

The Distance

Keeping a baby monitor too close to the baby is quite harmful just as it is to keep your smartphone on your chest pocket. The radio waves are not safe and it would be ideal to mount the monitor unit at least 6 feet away from the baby.

The Viewing Angle

The next most important aspect as mentioned previously is the viewing angle. If you cannot see your baby properly, it’s no use owning a video baby monitor in the first place. You could have 2 cameras in place¬†but without the right viewing angle, you would never know what the baby is actually doing.

We’ve had bad viewing angles where our baby was awake, but we didn’t know about it until he started crying. He was just awake for a while without making a noise.

Things can get worse if your baby can move and crawl around. If your viewing angle is only restricted to the crib, you may suddenly find your baby missing from the crib. Where did the baby go? PANIC MODE!

You may tend to forget about pan & zoom options in most of the best baby monitors.

It would be ideal to mount the monitor in a corner spot where the crib could be seen along with a bit more of the room space around the crib. If you have a pan & tilt monitor with zoom features, it would be great if you can run the camera through a full motion to make sure the entire room is clearly visible during the motion.

In this way, you could move the camera around and get a view of the entire room to find your baby if he/she goes missing from the bed or crib.

Where to Mount the Baby Monitor – Wall, Ceiling, or Desk?

We cannot help you here. The best option would be the position that helps you solve both distance and viewing angle situations.

If placed on a shelf or counter, it would be ideal to mount it in a higher position to get better coverage.

Ideally, you would have noticed that CCTV cameras are mounted to the ceiling or the top edge of the walls for best viewing angles. It may not always be easy to mount the monitor to the ceiling if you do not have accessible plug points to power the monitor.

You may also have trouble trying to reach the monitor when necessary to reset during configuration issues that can appear on certain devices.


A bad workman always blames his tools. Do not blame the quality of your baby monitor if you cannot get a proper view, simply because you didn’t set it upright. We hope this article was helpful in helping you decide where to mount the baby monitor.


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