Can Baby Monitors Interfere with WiFi?

Baby monitors have undoubtedly made life much easier for parents. Especially if you have several house chores to complete, a baby monitor lets you keep an eye on the baby while you carry on with the tasks.

A baby monitor is a full-on electrical device that works by passing if radio frequencies between the transmitter and receiver. Now, modern baby monitors also have a wireless internet connectivity feature that lets you stream the video as well.

However, despite all the good things, there are speculations regarding baby monitors whether they interfere with the Wi-Fi and cause disruption in the connectivity. If you have a baby monitor at the house and you experience Wi-Fi connectivity issues then you might have a reason to doubt your baby monitor for it. Some baby monitors can even intercept conversations via radio frequencies.

But how come a simple device such as a baby monitor causes Wi-Fi to misbehave?

How Can Baby Monitor Disturb the Wi-Fi?

The answer to this question is no rocket science. Any device that utilizes Wi-Fi contributes to connectivity issues. What happens when you’re having a party and all your friends try to use the Wi-Fi at your house?

It slows down of course. Any device that makes use of your Wi-Fi affects its overall bandwidth and therefore, you might notice a decline in performance.

As for the case of a smart baby monitor, it has a heavier effect on the bandwidth as it constantly uses the camera to stream live video. However, this alone is not enough to conclude that just because a baby monitor slows down the internet by just using it.

If you are using a smart baby monitor, you should also look into our explanation on how baby monitors can be hacked.

Most of the baby monitors, either audio or smart monitor, uses a 2.4 GHz band that is similar to what most of the Wi-Fi routers use. Thus, it’s very likely that baby monitors with the same band interfere with the Wi-Fi signals around the house.

However, you should not face the same issue when using a baby monitor with a 900 Mhz band. Such types of baby monitors do not interfere with the 2.4 GHz models of Wi-Fi.

The interference you face might be in the form of frequent disconnection, buzzing sound, or slow internet. Have you ever experienced that your laptop is connected to Wi-Fi but it still says ‘no internet?’

This behavior is a sign that the Wi-Fi signals are facing major interference.

Set the Right Channel

Frequent Wi-Fi disconnection can be very annoying. However, there are ways you can tune your baby monitor to cause minimum interference.

Baby monitors come with varying options to adjust channels and frequencies. Thus, you can select a range that offers minimum interference with the Wi-Fi. If you don’t yet know what’s the right channel and range, you can experiment around or read the manual.

Secondly, as mentioned above, you can opt for a model with a 900 Mhz or 5800 Mhz band as it would solve the interference issue.


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