Graco Slimfit vs Slimfit3 LX Baby Car Seat [Key Differences]

They are both slim and space-saving models, and they carry the SLIM FIT name. What makes Slimfit3 LX different from SlimFit? Is it a big difference? Does it matter?

Note: Even after 2 years of writing this comparison review, our recommendation still stands. Both Slimfit models are still rocking it as best sellers in Amazon, under the baby car seat category – which means the models compared below are still of excellent quality and standard.

Quick Summary

The Slimfit3 LX is 3-inches slimmer – allowing 3 of the same car seats to be installed in a standard vehicle backseat. The seat includes 2 rotatable cup holders which can be twisted inwards when not used to save more space.


Graco Slimfit 3 in 1Graco Slimfit3 LX 3 in 1
Key DifferenceBuilt to fit 3 of these car seats in the backseat
Dimensions21.5 x 19.9 x 25.5 inches‎20.7 x 16.7 x 24.5 inches
5 Point HarnessYesYes
Adjustable HeadrestNo rethread simple adjust – 10 PositionsNo rethread simple adjust – 10 Positions
Cup Holder2 x Rotatable2 x Removable
Fabric BreathabilityYesYes
Fabric MaterialSoft Polyester Mesh MaterialSoft Polyester Mesh Material
Front Facing Adjustment Options22
Front Facing Weight Limit22-65 lbs22-65 lbs
Rear Facing Adjustment Options22
Rear Facing Weight Limit5-40 lbs5-40 lbs
High Back Booster Weight Limit40-100 lbs40-100 lbs
Recline Positions4 (2 front facing, 2 rear facing)4 (2 front facing, 2 rear facing)
SafetyGraco® ProtectPlus Engineered™Graco® ProtectPlus Engineered™
Side impact protectionTestedTested
Stroller CompatibilityNoNo
Build MaterialSteel Reinforced Frame with EPS Energy Absorbing FoamSteel Reinforced Frame with EPS Energy Absorbing Foam
Installation LatchPush-button InRight™ LATCHPush-button InRight™ LATCH
Removable CoverYesYes
Washable CoverMachine WashableMachine Washable
Harness Storage CompartmentYesYes
Removable Plush Head & Body InsertsYesYes
Level IndicatorsYesYes
Average Customer Rating4.9 out of 54.9 out of 5
Where to BuyClick here for priceClick here for price

As you can see from the table, both models are almost entirely the same but there is a difference in the title and the price point which can make buyers confused. Are you confused as well?


The Similarities

Level of Safety

The Graco Slimfit and Slimfit3 LX car seats are both built with Steel Reinforced Frame with EPS Energy Absorbing Foam. This makes them both extremely strong and durable against any impacts or crashes.

With TrueShield Technology, 5-point Harness, Anti Rebound Bar & Safety Surround™ Technology, GRACO baby car seats are some of the safest in the market. They call it Graco ProtectPlus Engineering.

Ease of Use

Firstly, it comes with Push Button Inright Latch connectors which is just as easy as using the latch connectors on your vehicle’s car seat. It’s strong and easy to click in and click out.

These connectors are easy to store in the storage compartment.

Level indicators and clearly marked arrows and symbols along the car seat help parents make sure the baby seat is correctly installed every time.

The car seat covers are removable and machine washable. These covers take no more than 60 seconds to remove making them one of the most straightforward car seat covers to remove.

With the No-Rethread harness, you can adjust the straps to the perfect position without having to press and unlock them each time you have to adjust. Most threaded harnesses have a tendency to split or break during extensive use.


Child Comfort

Both Graco Slimfit and Slimfit3 LX seats come with 4 recline positions (2 rear facing and 2 front facing) to adjust for the mood of the baby.

These seats also come with removable plush inserts that can add extra cushion and comfort for the baby from the sides for extra comfort and impact protection during their infancy stages.

Adjusting the headrest is simple since it comes with No Rethread Harness system. You can adjust the headrest up to 10 positions to fit the child as they grow in height to make sure they always stay safe and comfortable.

You can spot dual cup holders in both models, the Slimfit 3-in-One and the Slimfit3 LX 3-in-One, but there is a difference between the placements of these cup holders which will be highlighted in the differences section below.

The Differences

Cup Holders

As mentioned previously, both Slimfit and Slimfit LX car seats come with two holders, one on each side but there is one key difference in their placement. In the Slimfit LX, you get removable cup holders while the Slimfit comes with rotatable cup holders which can be moved away when not used.

Graco Slimfit Car Seat: 0
Graco Slimfit LX3 Car Seat: 1



Space Consumption

Graco Slimfit is the slimmest in the series of baby car seats produced by the company, but the Slimfit3 LX takes it one step further but reducing the width of the frame by an additional 3.2 inches.

Graco Slimfit Car Seat: 0
Graco Slimfit LX3 Car Seat: 1

Slimfit LX3 is only 16.7 inches in width, making it compact and slim enough to place 3 of the same Slimfit3 LX car seats in the back seat of your car. This measurement is based on most sedans and SUVs in the market, but may not fulfill its promise in a few mini or compact vehicles. It’s best to check the total width of your backseat to ensure you can fit 3 x 16.7 inch Slimfit3 LX car seats before you make your investment solely for this feature.

Final Conclusion

The Graco SlimfitLX3 Car Seat has 2 main differences from the Graco Slimfit Car Seat. The Slimfit LX3 has removable cup holders and a 16.7″ frame width which allows for 3 of the same car seats to be placed across the backseat of most vehicles.

The Graco Slimfit on the other hand comes with 2 rotatable cup holders and a 19.9″ frame width which is still slim compared to most baby car seats in the market but loses the advantage against Slimfit LX3 which is 3.2 inches slimmer than its predecessor.

Although Graco Slimfit3 LX 3 in 1 Car Seat wins the comparison, it’s not the ideal choice unless the following conditions are met:

  1. 3 back seat passengers (including baby car seat)
  2. Compact vehicle
  3. 3 car seats are required at the same time

If any of these conditions are met, the Slimfit3 LX would be the wisest choice ever made. If otherwise, go with the Graco Slimfit 3 in 1 and give your child more breathing space to grow.


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