Can Baby Monitors Cause Cancer?

Baby monitors are no doubt a stress-free solution for parents to monitor their sleeping babies. They can easily keep an eye on the baby remotely with either sound or video monitoring. However, there is a certain risk factor associated with baby monitors that must be considered seriously.

Since baby monitors are electrical equipment and work by passing radio signals between the transmitter & receiver, they are known to generate electromagnetic fields as well. What’s a matter of concern is that electromagnetic field is considered as a potential cancerous matter.

What’s Electromagnetic Field?

Magnetic & electric fields working together are referred to as Electromagnetic Force. An electric field is produced due to the voltage that is responsible for pushing the electrons through a wire.

Meanwhile, a magnetic field is produced due to the flow of current through wires. An electric field is produced regardless of whether a device is turned on or off. However, the magnetic field requires a constant flow of current that implies the device should be ON.

Do baby monitors emit EMF?

Baby monitors transmit radio frequencies to transfer data (audio & video signals) between the transmitter and receptor. Different models of baby monitors vary in the range of frequencies emitted and some radio frequencies could pose health hazards for the baby.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a body associated with the WHO regarded radio frequencies as a potential source of cancer.

Commonly, baby monitors operate on a non-hackable frequency varying from 1.89 GHz-2.4 GHz. This range of electromagnetic frequencies is similar to what wifi routers and microwaves emit as well.

The high level of electromagnetic radiation that these devices transmit is a cause of concern. Not to forget, unlike microwaves, a baby transmitter constantly emits radiation even when it’s on a standby mode.

Imagine placing and turning on a microwave right next to the head of your sleeping baby. By doing so, you’ll be spreading high levels of radiation in your baby’s room and ‘polluting’ the environment.

Harmful effects of EMF

Now, you should note how these radiations can potentially prove hazardous for your baby. A baby’s cranium (skull) is fragile as compared to that of adults so that it could accommodate the growth and development of the brain.

However, during this period, a baby’s brain is very sensitive to any damage either by the effects of EMF or a physical blow.

Thermal simulations show that a child’s head absorbs twice as much electromagnetic radiation as compared to an adult. Thus, these radiations can have long-term adverse effects on a baby’s brain. Some of these hazards may be:

  • Neural development disorders
  • Greater risk of brain tumors
  • Incomplete brain development
  • Disruption of the sleep cycle

Can baby monitors cause cancer?

It goes without a doubt that electromagnetic radiations emitted by baby monitors pose several serious health hazards for babies.

However, can baby monitors cause cancer? So far, it’s not exclusively mentioned by any recognized body that EMF causes cancer. Some studies do prove EMFs to be a ‘potential source of cancer.

Thus, it’s yet too soon to reach a conclusion. However, the adverse effects of EMF on a baby’s brain should not be ignored.


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