Multiple Children, Multiple Monitors?

This is a very common scenario many parents are facing. A lot of parents face these questions, “Can I watch multiple monitors at the same time?”, “How do I watch multiple cameras at the same time”

The answer depends on the type of Baby Monitor involved.

Standard Baby Monitor

If it’s a standard baby monitor without wifi, you need to check with your model. Some monitors offer Split Screen MoonyBaby Split 50 where you can view two cameras in one screen.

The other models offer the Auto Scan feature like the Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro. It’s easy to find answers on the manufacturer’s website.

(Not on the same screen though. You have to press the button to jump to the next camera). Check your model on the internet to find answers.


Wifi / IP Camera Baby Monitor

If you own a Wifi / IP Camera Baby Monitor or plan to purchase this type, it’s a pretty simple answer. YES. Simple add more cameras, install to the same app, activate the grid mode in your app, and VOILA. You can also watch multiple cameras for the PC like you would with a CCTV. You will be able to see up to 8 cameras on the same screen 🙂


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