What is VOX (Voice Activated) Mode?

VOX Mode in baby monitors – it’s a very important feature and this is what we are going to talk about in this short article.


VOX Mode, also known as Voice Activated Mode, is that feature in the baby monitor that alerts you at the first sound.

In order to save battery, the baby monitor goes into sleep mode and stops transmitting if there is no sound in the room where the monitor is placed. The mic stays active, which triggers the monitor to wake up, start transmission and alert the parent at the first sound.

Not all monitors are great at VOX mode. Most parents complain about their camera not detecting the baby crying until a few seconds or minutes have gone by. It’s highly advised to get yourself a good quality baby monitor, especially ones with the longest range to make sure you don’t step out of the signal area out of negligence.

Benefits of using VOX Feature

Most parents think that VOX mode is a negative feature that doesn’t deserve to belong in baby monitors. This is mainly due to poor quality or lack of signal range.

Here are the main reasons why VOX mode is chosen to be a part of baby monitors:

Firstly, the parents get to relax knowing that the monitor is going to alert them at first sound. They do not have to keep staring at the monitor like a hawk or keep an ear on the baby monitor at all times waiting for the worst to happen.

Secondly, VOX mode helps baby monitors also relax by saving battery on the display unit. The camera microphone picks up sound consistently waiting for a change in noise levels. The moment it picks up noise, the camera turns on your monitor with a beep notifying you about the noise, which could be the baby crying or something else, but YOU KNOW.

Depending on the child, the room ambiance along where the monitor’s camera unit is mounted, you may have to adjust the sensitivity of the microphone in the baby camera (which you can find in good baby monitors).

Adjusting the VOX Sensitivity on the Baby Monitor

While some monitors have the option to turn off / on VOX mode (angry parents, yay!), other baby monitors come with an option to adjust the sensitivity of the VOX mode.

In order to test the sensitivity level at which the VOX mode starts to trigger, you could try by playing a crying baby sound in the room to emulate the baby crying at the volume you want to be triggered.

Now adjust the sensitivity level of the VOX in your baby monitor to only trigger at that volume level and not less.

If you set the VOX to high sensitivity, you may lose sleep over a hanger striking the cupboard door, a vehicle passing, dogs barking, cats fighting, etc… Hope you get the gist.

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