Newborn Baby Furniture – The Top 5 List

When you have a new baby, it’s very important to invest in the right type of furniture. The reason is simple, most of the baby furniture is designed to protect your child just like a baby monitor does, keep them safe, and that alone can be very important. It’s more important than ever to avoid … Read more

When to Start Using a Baby Monitor?

As a parent, you always want to be sure that your child is safe and happy. But you can’t always be there for him, so using a baby monitor actually makes a whole lot of sense. This is why we recommend you invest in a very good and dependable baby monitor as fast as possible. … Read more

Can Baby Monitors Pick Up Cell Phone Conversations?

Baby monitors are simple but very handy devices that let you hear your sleeping baby. Baby monitors work primarily by exchanging radio signals to transmit information in the form of audio. It might compel us to wonder; can baby monitors pick up cell phone conversations? There are instances where people have noticed alien sounds from … Read more

Can Baby Monitors Cause Cancer?

Baby monitors are no doubt a stress-free solution for parents to monitor their sleeping babies. They can easily keep an eye on the baby remotely with either sound or video monitoring. However, there is a certain risk factor associated with baby monitors that must be considered seriously. Since baby monitors are electrical equipment and work … Read more

Can Baby Monitors be Hacked?

The baby monitor is the new babysitter! It’s like having another member of the house looking after the baby. As a parent, you can finally rest your mind while still keeping an eye on the sleeping baby. The audio & video surveillance keeps you updated whether the baby is awake, asleep, or having any trouble … Read more

Can Baby Monitors Interfere with WiFi?

Baby monitors have undoubtedly made life much easier for parents. Especially if you have several house chores to complete, a baby monitor lets you keep an eye on the baby while you carry on with the tasks. A baby monitor is a full-on electrical device that works by passing if radio frequencies between the transmitter … Read more

What is VOX (Voice Activated) Mode on a Baby Monitor?

VOX Mode in baby monitors – it’s a very important feature and this is what we are going to talk about in this short article. What is VOX Mode? The Voice-Activated Alert (VOX) mode turns off the feed on the baby monitor in order to save the battery. The monitor turns on automatically when the … Read more