Does Wheel Size Matter in Baby Bike Trailers?

Many parents have come to ask the same old question, “How does wheel size matter in baby bike trailers?“. It’s not more about the appeal, but it’s about the safety concern when it comes to protecting your children and babies who we entrust with our bike trailers – the wheel size plays a key role in the bike trailer’s stability on specific terrains.

In this article, we are going to throw some light on the choice of bike trailers you get for your kids. Bike trailers are an excellent way of carrying your kid safely and securely.

Using a bike trailer for kids, you can fearlessly transport your baby along with his belongings like toys, bottles and other stuff. Bike trailers have plenty of space in it to carry your kid.

However, little do we know that not all bike trailers are the same. Check out this guide on the best baby bike trailers.

Since your bike trailer is a wheeled device, that is why, just like any other vehicle, the wheels need to be very robust and of the right size.

Moving your bike trailer with the wrong wheel size can get you in serious trouble. Not only you will waste your money, but you will also put the life of your kid in danger by not choosing the right bike trailer for you.

There are dozens of brands available out there with various models which can be opted based upon your priority. However, before choosing a ride for your kids, consider the following essential factors which can affect the quality of your trip.

Bike Trailer Wheel Size Key Factors

  • The wheel size is an essential aspect since it affects the quality of the ride.
  • The right wheel size rotates efficiently, thus ensuring a smooth ride.
  • The right wheel size also enables you to keep the right balance. A wheel size which is too big or too small and doesn’t go with your bike can cause an imbalance at any time, especially when the speed is average than usual.
  • The amount of weight you carry in your bike trailer is also directly related to the wheel size. A wheel size which is too small might not be able to handle too much weight.
  • Sometimes wheel size also affects the appearance of your ride. A wheel which is enormous and sturdy looks cool.
  • The cost of your bike trailer also depends upon the type and size of the wheel. If you are going for a bigger size, it will cost you pretty much. Moreover, in case of damage, the replacement cost will also be more for a bigger wheel.
  • The wheel size directly affects the performance of your ride, which is the ultimate factor you look for when you are moving with your baby.


The wheel size matters a lot when it comes to bike trailers. Just like your vehicles, you need to be very careful while choosing a wheel for the bike trailer. When it is about the safety and comfort of your kid, there shouldn’t be any compromise. You can also take help from an expert if you are unable to decide the right size for your trailer.

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